Mountain traveling scene in blue

Lovely orange trees in National Park

Wine vacation in the dessert

Cloudy sky on the orange park

Blue lake with green trees in front of hills


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Welcome to my blog! Calibra Travel is here to keep you up to date on the world of travel and hotel. We like to predict upcoming news like travel deal, hotel location and vacation tips. Check back often to find out if you are in the know about whats hot in travel today.

I am Sulistiya, the owner of this blog. I am a woman who love to work at home, and all activities on the internet. I am very eager to talk about traveling, shopping, web, and technology. I would like to share part of them here.

If you have some thing that would you like to ask or share, please don’t hesitate to share your mind here. I am open to all opportunities. Thanks and keep reading our blog!

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