The Amazing Greenwich Village New York Travel

New York travel If you want to enjoy distinguished holidays because you have enough with beaches and mountains, try city holiday, like Greenwich village New York travel. This place is located in the heart of New York city. Here, you can enjoy many amazing things because “the Village” is previously for upper middle class.

The Greenwich village New York is located on the west side of Lower Manhattan and it is bordered by Broadway to the east which means you can enjoy great nights in Broadway theaters with your spouse. To the west, you can enjoy the Hudson River. This river is very alive at night and you can have dinner there. To the south you have Houston Street which full of shopping places with very affordable prices and the 14th street to the north will make you have great night walking around the village.

If you stay at Greenwich village, you can also go visiting the Washington Square and New York University. This village is very amazing and in the past, this village is artist haven. You will find many exciting things and amazing things here that you will never forget forever.

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