Be Aware of Post-Travel Blues

post travel blues Most people do not realize it but they actually experience it. We are talking about post-travel blues that very common to occur after people having a great holiday. After you have incredible journey at the end of the earth, you feel bad when you come back to home. You think it is only jetlag or you just tired but if you think about it carefully, actually you experience more than just jetlag or tired. This kind of bad mood could cause long tiredness, although you sleep all night long. You feel lack of energy although you eat so much food. You could not focus on your work because the picture of the beautiful lake and the miraculous temple keep distract you from the job. In some case, some people experience loss of appetite.

When the bad mood happens for short time, it may not cause big trouble for you but if it happens for long time, you will experience lot of trouble. When you experience post-travel blues and experience tiredness, you would not able to live your days in normal way. You may not have enough energy just to wake up in the morning. If you not focus and could not finish your work on time, your boss would be angry and you will get punishment or even worse, you will get fire. If you lose your appetite for long time, you not only lose weight but also prone to many illness due to mall nutrition.

After returning home from vacation, you need to pay attention to your body and mind. Although most people get over it in very short time, the others experience long time suffering. If you experience the symptoms, especially if the symptoms happen for days, you need to find a way to get rid the bad mood. However, you should not panic because there are many things you can do to overcome post-travel blues. In most cases, people could overcome it by themselves and they should not visit any shrink.

Actually, every individual has different way to overcome the bad mood. The common thing to deal with it is to share the experience with friends and family. When family and friends feel bore with your story, you can share it in the communities who have the same interest and holiday experience with you. Photos, videos, and souvenirs could help you. To have fun, you can make art from your photos and souvenirs. Make photo slides, edit your videos, and adds music to your video. Post your video on video sharing site and share it with others. In order to feel the excitement again, you can take tour on the neighborhood and explore places you never go there before and do something you never do such as talking with strangers. Because the memory keeps on distracting you, a good way to stop it is to create a new holiday dream. You will have something new to think. Since holiday needs sum of money, new dream will make you have more spirit to work and earn money. Post-travel blues will go away by itself.

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