Best Places to Visit as a Solo Female Traveler

female traveler There are many countries in the world that are considered “female friendly” for solo female traveler, places where women are respected and have equal rights. For the solo female traveler, safety is a primary concern, and countries where you are likely to feel threatened or find yourself continually harassed by overly aggressive males, are probably best avoided unless you are travelling with a partner or a group. Of course, solo female traveler have to exercise reasonable caution even when having trip in their own country. There is some element of risk everywhere, but that shouldn’t stop you from venturing forth to explore the world.

You can increase the odds of having a great trip by arming yourself in advance with information about the country’s culture, religion, social norms and taboos. At minimum you should at least learn essential phrases in the local language, particularly greetings and courtesy phrases like please and thank you. Novice solo female traveler may want to start out by choosing a country where all or a good portion of the population speak the same language as you. A language barrier can leave you feeling very vulnerable. The following countries all have good reputations as safe places for women travelling alone.

Ø Thailand – The Thai people are very gentle, friendly, polite and willing to help tourists. The men are generally shy and respectful of women. Thailand has an extensive tourist infrastructure and is set up to accommodate everyone from backpackers to those looking for five star luxuries.

Ø Vietnam – An increasingly popular travel destination, Vietnam, despite its troubled history, has evolved into one of the safest places in world. Solo female traveler find it easy to journey throughout the country and feel very welcomed and safe. It is also one of the most budget friendly nations, as your money will go a long way there.

Ø Japan – One of the safest countries across the world, Japan has a very low crime rate. The Japanese people are very reserved, but are helpful and friendly when approached. It’s very rare for women travelling in Japan to encounter any safety issues.

Ø The Netherlands – Of all the countries in continental Europe, Holland is a favorite of woman who want travelling alone. Most of the population speaks some English and the Dutch make visitors feel right at home.

Ø Sweden, Denmark and Finland – The Scandinavian countries are a great place for the solo female traveler to visit. Scandinavian women are very independent so a woman travelling alone is nothing unusual. These countries collectively have very low crime rates. They are however, expensive.

Ø Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia – These English speaking countries are all excellent options for a woman vacationing alone and a great choice for English speaking women who have never traveling solo. Although they are all very different, you’ll find fantastic scenery, friendly, helpful people and they are all easy to get around.

There are a number of areas across the world less comfortable for a solo female traveler. Among these are some countries in the Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and those along the Mediterranean coast. These are areas where women either do not enjoy equal rights or the men are notoriously sexually aggressive. This certainly doesn’t mean that they should be avoided altogether, but you need to be prepared to deal with the cultural differences and take extra precautions to ensure a safe and memorable trip.

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