Mountain traveling scene in blue

Lovely orange trees in National Park

Wine vacation in the dessert

Cloudy sky on the orange park

Blue lake with green trees in front of hills


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What Are Offered By Rio De Janeiro Carnival

Rio de Janeiro The Rio de Janeiro carnival refers to an event which takes places in a beautiful city. You can make a plan for your holiday, in which you can make a plan to come to the carnival. The carnival is usually held usually at summer. Celebration will takes in four days, with million tourists joined into the party. The carnival will be started on Saturday and will end on Fat Tuesday. The latter marks a day which has become a part of the Christian period of Lent. Samba Parade is the main menu you can enjoy through the carnival.

Musicals Coming To London

london travel This year is a great year for new shows in London as one of Europe destination for traveling. “The Bodyguard” kicked things off and has continued to go from strength to strength, with a new cast featuring Beverley Knight (a superstar in her own right) who plays the part made famous on screen by Whitney Houston. Then the stage adaptation of “Once” opened at the Phoenix Theatre, followed this summer by “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.