How To Traveling Abroad Safely

traveling abroad Travelling is not only important to refreshing after several months of hard work and stress. It is also important for us to know and to learn from other culture especially when we travel to another country. Traveling abroad is very interesting and exciting, but most people forgetting about good preparation when they are going to go to another country. Preparation before traveling is very important because you are going to visit a foreign land which is new for us. Before you go travel, it is important for you to make some preparations. Here are several packing tips before you go for traveling to another country:

1. The first thing that you need to prepare is your personal paper including passport, ID card, and visa. Make sure you are ready with all these important papers. If it necessary, you can wrap all these papers with plastic if you are going to take outdoor vacation like mount hike, beach, or jungle. Personal papers are very important in Traveling abroad so make sure that you keep it all in a save place. You can make a copy of your personal papers just in case you lost them. So in an emergency situation, you can still contact the embassy, your family, or your friend.

2. Before you go to abroad, it is important to prepare your personal medical or personal drugs if you have specific disease like diabetes mellitus, asthma, or several other serious diseases. Contact your doctor to get some advice about safe travel for people with a certain disease. Medical check-up is very important thing to do before you leave. Medical check-up is very important to make sure that you are in a good condition and you have no certain disease that will treat your life. Take some vaccine or immunization when you are going to go to a tropical country. Malaria or typhoid vaccine will be very helpful in tropical countries.

3. Having trip to overseas means you have to understand other people’s custom and law. Make sure you are familiar with local custom and culture. To learn about other country’s culture and custom you can read a book or searching from the internet. Know what is forbidden and restricted in the destination country so you can keep away from trouble. For the example, cow in India is considered as a holy animal so. Indians are used to leave cow in the middle of the road. Respecting every cow in India will save you from local anger and local law.

4. We will never know what is going to happen on the foreign country so when you traveling abroad, make sure that you make a small note contains of several emergency number including embassy number, local police number, and your family number. Avoid luxurious clothing or accessories to avoid crime. It is also better for you to not carry too much money or to carry any valuable stuff like gadget, jewelry, and many more. If it is necessary, you are recommended to leave your gadget and your jewelry at hotel. Bring only important stuffs that you needed like camera, cell phone, and your personal identity.

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