Top 3 Australian Holiday Destinations

Australian holiday destination Australia is the only country that has an entire continent to itself, a popular country to visit because they have Australian holiday destination and it is also famous because of the natural wonders and beauties. They come for its jewel cities, centers for the arts and culture as well as for commerce and major sports. Those planning trips can find excellent prices on Australian flights to the top three destinations of Sidney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.


One of Australian holiday destination is Sidney. Known for its famous landmarks, the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, this spectacular urban center, the capital of New South Wales, hovers on the shores of its lovely harbour. Sidney was the home of the first British Colony and Penal Colony in Australia, settled on the late 1700s. Today, visitors enjoy its landmarks, culture, museums, restaurants, superb shopping, and city parks like the Royal Botanic Gardens and Hyde Park. Then, the coast at Sidney provides forty wonderful beaches.


The capital of the smallest of Australia’s provinces, Victoria, is located on the southeastern coast of Australia. Europeans settled in the region on the late 1830s and Queen Victoria declared it officially a city in 1847. Melbourne is the city that has the most European feel of any urban area in Australia. Today, the metropolis is known for sports, its extensive cultural venues for film, visual arts, performance arts, museums and so much more. People come to the city for major sporting events and as a starting point for road trips like following the Great Ocean Road.


One other Australian holiday destination is Brisbane. Spread over the Brisbane River Valley and just over twenty-three kilometers from Moreton Bay where the river reaches the ocean. Brisbane is the capital of Queensland. The river and city is named for Sir Thomas Brisbane who was the Governor of New South Wales in the 1820s. Visitors to the city can bicycle on the myriad paths surrounding the river and the city center. South Bank Parklands, Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium, and the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary are a few of the other popular sites.

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