Best Beaches In Spain The Exceptional Choices

Spain beach Spain is famous for its wonderful beaches all along the 5000 miles coastline. All beaches in Spain are beautiful with different characteristics that you need to visit all of them in the fullest. However, some beaches have something more to offer that make them best beaches in Spain. For you who are confused to choose the beach to visit, here are several choices that will give you exceptional experience in Spain.

Playa de Las Catredales, Galicia becomes exceptional due to the rock formations created by the sea. Although the beach is located in North-West of Spain that sun is not guaranteed, the rock will make you forget the sun. The second choice is La Concha in San Sebastian that offers you the bright sunlight in the curving bay. You will find the beach better with exceptional cuisines and cultural attractions. The third choice of best beaches in Spain is actually best for environmentalist. Housing development is a big threat to La Playa de La Arena. For exceptional holiday, help Green Peace to save the beach.

You only need to decide which best suit with you. If you could not choose but you want them all, you need to prepare longer time to visit Spain. If you could not have long holiday, plan Spain again on your next holiday so you can enjoy all best beaches in Spain. After you visit the three of them, there are more beaches queuing to the list with their own exceptional factor. Sun or no sun, crowded or secluded, Spain has the entire thing you need from beach holiday.

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