Chocolate Hills Philippines Makes Holiday Different

chocolate hills
If you get bored of the same holiday in the beach, mountain, or amusement park, you need to consider chocolate hills Philippines. Looking to the hills, you may never believe your eyes because the view is very amazing. If you commonly only see one or two in one area, you will see so many hills in the Chocolate Hills area. Some people even say the total number of them is 1776. It is such a wonderful place that you need to see it with your own eyes.

The name Chocolate Hills has already made people curious to know more. The name is actually derived from the look of the hills on the dry season when the green grasses covering the hills turn to brown just like chocolate. Many people visit chocolate hills Philippines in dry season to avoid the rain although if you visit it in rain season, you can see the lovely green grasses covering the limestone hills. However, anytime you visit the hills the views are always magical.

Chocolate Hills is located in Bohol Province, Philippines, a country in South East Asia. When you come to the country, you can expect the tropical weather. You will not have problem to find a place to stay when you visit chocolate hills Philippines since resorts have been developed on two of thousands hills. Similar to other resorts, there are many facilities, including hotels, restaurants, swimming pools, children parks, and driving ranges. What makes the resort different is of course, the observation deck to enjoy the beautiful of them.

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