Get The Most Out From Eiffel Tower Visit with These Tips

Eiffel Tower Having trip to Paris is incomplete if you do not do Eiffel Tower visit. It is the most popular place to travel in Paris. In order to get the most from your Eiffel Tower visit, you can read the following tips. It is great to see anytime. However, if you want to get the best feeling and view, you are recommended to come at night. There is something magical of visiting this tower at night. If you are riding up at night, you will look out over streets of Paris and you will know why Paris is well known as City of Light.

In the street level, you can see the spotlight at the top of Tower zoom across Paris Skyline. In addition, the reflection of Tower in Seine is sights should not to be missed. Actually, the lines are shorter in late evening rather than in afternoon. It is that why you are recommended to have Eiffel Tower visit at night.

If you want to visit Eiffel Tower, you are recommended to walk to the Eiffel Tower from Trocadero. Bir Hakeim is the nearest metro stop if you want to visit there. You just need to walk for a few blocks, then round a corner, and finally you are on the base of the tower.

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