Trusting your London Tour Guide

Paris Day Trips from London When you are traveling abroad, especially London, you want to ensure you stay somewhere safe, so you need a London tour guide. You also don’t get wripped off and if you spend time with people that they look after you, they will give you value for money.

While I was in London I was hoping to take a bus with London tour guide to see some of the great sights and attractions that London has to offer, I heard that there are some great walking tours of London but I was a little shocked to read on some forums that the guides often told lies about places. So now I am worried that I will get a guide who will tell me all these false stories about how things came to be, then I will go home and do some research and find out that it is all lies. I am really going to have to do a lot more research to decide on which sightseeing tours are the best for me to take now as I don’t want to get told lies and to learn a load of facts are not true.

While researching London tour guide to take, I have also read a lot about Stonehenge and I have decided I don’t need to worry about a tour guide for that as I know so much already, for example, I know that Stonehenge is over 5000 years old and I also learn about how the Stones got to be where they are today. I also have my own theories on how they came to be where they are, but I would like to see the Stones as I have never seen them in real life. So I want to take a Stonehenge Tour and hopefully I will be able to get up close to the Stones and maybe even touch them when no one is looking & help; that would be amazing. I am going to go and do this tour with a friend as well as I want to have my picture taken with the Stones and I don’t like asking people I don’t know to take pictures of me so my friend will do this for me which will make things so much easier.

I also realized that I could see Paris in a day! What a great thing to do! So I find a site offering Paris Tours from London tour guide and could not resist booking it. The tour was magnificent, they picked me up by taxi from my hotel and took me straight to the station where the tour guide met me and then they spent the entire day looking after me and showing me the magic of Paris. It was something I just could’nt have done by myself and it was definitely worth the extra money as they allowed me to see so much more with their knowledge of how to get about Paris quickly.

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