Places to Visit in California in Fall Season

California travel People go on holiday with visit in California spring to enjoy the flower bloom, in summer to enjoy the heat, and in the winter for the cold. In fall, most people busy with their works and students busy with their education. Fall is the best time to avoid crowd and here are several places to visit in California in fall season. You will find that California is so special for traveling.

The fall is the right time for you to enjoy California Hearst Castle Night Tour travel that is only available in spring and fall. Santa Cruz Boardwalk is another option with best attraction and you can enjoy the seaside amusement park less crowded. At Natural Bridges State Beach, October is the time when monarch butterflies arrive. Monterey Aquarium is very pleasurable place in California to visit in fall due to less crowded so you can enjoy one of world’s best exhibit aquariums with fewer disturbances. Big Sur could be the next travel place to consider since the fog is less and the weather still warm. With the crowds are reduced greatly in California fall, it means Disneyland, Hollywood, and other attractions that always crowded in the summer would complete the list of places to visit California in the season of fall.

Of course, fall is not free from events. Food festivals and Halloween are only few examples. On those days, you will find the crowds are celebrating the special day in California. If you want to join people to celebrate the day, those places would be the place where the festival held. Check out the date and find the place.

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