Safe Global Travel Tips You Should Pay Attention

safe global travel tips Safe global travel tips become so important for anybody who wants to travel abroad. Different countries have different condition, culture, and regulation. If you do not careful, it would be easy for you to get into trouble. From legal problems to medical problems, anything is possible in foreign country. Before you go, you should prepare everything well, including prepare for the worst. Take preventive action before you leave your country will help you minimize your lost. The tips are good for first international traveler or you who want to refresh your memory.

In order to prevent legal problem, you should have current and valid passport. If you do not have, apply it. If your passport is expired or almost expired, renew it. Some countries need you to have visa to get into the country so you should check it out. If you plant to drive in foreign country, you must have driver license that valid abroad. Never drive without valid license. The next important in safe global travel tips is make at least 2 copies of your passport, visa, driving license, airline tickets, and all important documents. One set is for you to take it on your travel and put it on somewhere safe separate from the original documents. The other set should be put at home where your family has access to it or you give it to your trusted family or friend.

If you have medical condition, you should prepare prescription medication and put it on safe container. Be sure you bring your prescription note so you can show it when someone ask you about legality of your medicine. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, you need to pack extra pair. If you have many credit cards, bring only one or two. Do not bring much cash and choose traveler checks. Bring valuables as little as possible. Safe global travel tips is completed with making label on your luggage tag with your name, phone number, and other contact.

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